Flat Rate Per Product extension Magento 2

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Compatible With: 2.1.X, 2.2.X
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Current Version: 1.0.1
Type: Stable
Supported Themes: Luma
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The extension expands the standard set of tools for setting flat shipping rates and allows you to use them, not fearing to lose your clients or profit.

It’s a rather complicated thing for a number of Magento e-store owners to choose the right shipping method for it affects the client’s decision to make a purchase. Usually, the calculation of the delivery cost presupposes the product’s size, weight, and delivery distance to cover. But it is time-consuming and requires the customer to understand well how to calculate everything. Flat rates are easy to understand, but are not always precise. The price for a small parcel to some suburb may be the same as the price for a big parcel to another country.

Thus, we’ve created this extension, which solves such issues and makes your flat rates a great selling point.

Main Features:

Ability to set a flat shipping rate per product

Set different flat rates for different products. The shipping rates are available for all product types and shipping methods. You can also add multiple service levels (e.g. ground, expedited, next day air, etc).

Ability to set different flat rates for each state/province/country

Set flat shipping rates for specific countries based on their Zip-codes and special flat rates for additional countries.

Ability to set flat shipping rates by default

If any of your flat rates is not specified for any products, the extension will use the default value. This will save your time and make flat rates’ management more comfortable.

Additional Parameters to Set Flat Rates

Optimize the price of the order in case your customers purchase several products. This encourages your clients to buy more products at a time, increasing their average spend. You can set up:

  • the highest rate instead of the sum of all rates;
  • the highest rate (+configurable percent) instead of the sum of all rates;
  • the lowest rate instead of the sum of all rates.

Ability to export/import settings

If you make up your mind to change your e-commerce platform, you can be calm about the flat rates, set by you previously. With the ‘Flat rate per Product’ extension, you can easily shift to another e-commerce platform, saving all the previously set flat rates.

Additional features

You pay only once, all of the extension’s upgrades are free of charge.
Approval from Magento Marketplace (the extension has passed Magento technical review and manual QA tests);


If you need any help with the extension, please contact us.

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Release Notes


Compatible with CE: 2.1

Stability: Stable Build


  • Minor refactoring of code


Compatible with CE: 2.1

Stability: Stable Build


One of the smart solutions is the ability to set flat rates. However, you need to extend the standard functions in the Admin Panel. You may also want to set flat rates for some products by default. 
The "Flat Rate per Product" extension by MageWorkshop includes these functions and has other useful advanced features.