Shopping Cart Notifications Magento 2

Edition: Community
Compatible With: 2.1.X, 2.2.X
Tech Specifications
Current Version: 1.0.0
Type: Stable
Supported Themes: Blank, Luma
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The ‘Shopping Cart Notifications’ extension visualizes the client’s adding of a product to the shopping cart.

Currently, when a customer adds a product to the shopping cart they don’t understand whether the product has been added or not. If the cart’s icon is not visible, the customer may think that the e-store doesn’t work properly.

‘Shopping Cart Notifications’ easily solves this problem! The extension provides an animated confirmation on the category page. Customers can add any product to the cart without going to the product page and easily continue their shopping.

This extension offers the following features:

  • Cart Loader, which is a full page-sized loader appearing while adding the products to the cart. This way, your customers see the product is still being added, and they shouldn't make other actions at that moment.

  • Add to Cart Notifications field, which shows a small-sized loader while adding the product to the cart. This clearly notifies the customers of the results of their actions.

  • Notification Display Time, which allows setting up a timeout of the loader in milliseconds.

  • Ability to disable default Magento notifications in order to avoid their duplication.

The extension makes shopping experience more comfortable for the customers and a little bit more profitable for the store owners.

Additional features

Free extension.

Approval from Magento (the extension has passed Magento technical review and manual QA tests);


If you need any help with the extension, please contact us.

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Release Notes

Compatible with CE: 2.0

Stability: Stable Build


The stable version of the extension is released.